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“Can't Fake The Shake” is a philosophy and ideology. It is founded by enterprising individuals who believe that success is a commitment to one’s self. Introducing the “Can’t Fake The Shake” aka “CFTS” philosophy…

In life you must work hard, dedicate yourself, and make a commitment to yourself and your own success. We all face challenges and opposition of many different types and varieties. When faced with opposition, true winners rise to the occasion. They push to reach heights previously unknown to anyone. Success is a measurement of loyalty to your desires. Achievement of success is a symbol of your faithfulness to your belief in yourself. Simply stated you never settle for less than giving your best effort. Good enough is never good enough! The pressures that come from traveling the road to success are often extremely challenging, obstacle filled, and can be a load to bear. Opportunities maybe introduced offering a non-genuine passage through the road with a vow of triumph. You cannot lie to yourself! There is no quick path to true accomplishment. Set a standard for yourself and refuse to operate or perform below that standard. Carrying the load on the road to success will require all of one’s energy, one’s sweat, and one’s tears. Real Emotion, Real Effort, Real Pain is mandated. The type of emotion, effort, and pain that causes the body to have irrepressible tremors, uncontrollable quivers; It’s Real! No one can simulate that reaction of the body, you can try if you choose but let it be declared you... 


Our objective is to live all aspects of daily life with this philosophy. We welcome all of those who wish to

join us.

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